Writing pens and pencils can be made from a variety of wood and acrylic finished blanks to suit your requirement. For that individual touch you can provide a suitable piece of your own wood that can be turned into a pen or pencil.

Each pen is made from a standard kit with the blank being turned, clear lacquer finish applied (wood blanks only) and polished to a high gloss finish. Wooden pens and pencils can also have a clear wax applied in place of the clear lacquer to provide a less glossy look and feel if preferred.

There are a variety of pens available to purchase ranging in price depending on the style of kit and blank required. Pen and pencil sets can also be provided too created from matching materials.

For the added exclusivity the completed  pens and pencils can be supplied in a variety of presentation at an additional cost.

Some pens and pencils are made and kept in stock in a range of finishes. For non-stock pens and pencils there is a leadtime of approximately 3 to 5 days from order and payment to manufacture the items specifically for you.